Dedicated Networks provides a 1-year warranty on all equipment unless otherwise noted (see below). Our equipment goes through a thorough testing and refurbishment process. If there is anything wrong with the equipment you purchase from us or you are not 100% satisfied just give us a call or use the form below to start the RMA process. We will pay for the return shipping and either provide a refund or have a replacement sent back to you once we receive the returned equipment.

This warranty does not apply:

  1. to normal wear and tear;
  2. if the product has been mistreated or mishandled:
  3. if the product has been improperly installed or configured;
  4. if the product has been subject to an accident;
  5. if the product has been subject to lightning, power surges, incorrect electrical voltage, or any electrical stress
  6. if the product has been subject to an act of God; or,
  7. if the product has been altered or modified.
  8. if the product was sold “as-is” and communicated to the customer regarding the cosmetic/functioning flaw prior to sale.


*Please note that we are only able to provide a replacement if we currently have it in stock as we are a stocking reseller. If the piece is not in stock and you need a replacement, we will try our very best to find you one. 

*The merchandise we carry are re-sold goods that are NOT from the manufacturer and are NOT protected by any warranty other than one provided by DNI.


Return Merchandise Authorization