Juniper EX3200-24T 24x 10/100/1000Base-T Layer 3 Switch W/ 1x PSU


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For sale is a Juniper EX3200-24T.

Follow the link for more information on the Juniper EX3200-24T.


Juniper EX3200-24T
1x Power supply unit (EX-PWR-320-AC)
1x Fan Tray (EX3200-FANTRAY)
Rack mount kit (EX-RMK)
1x Blank (EX-UM-BLNK)
Power cord
Console cable


These items are in Good condition. Items may have scratches, if you need mint condition let us know and we will see if we have a unit that meets your needs.

These items have been fully tested by our professional tech team. Test notes are below; let us know if you are looking for any information not shown.

*System Software/module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Passed root> show system license License usage: none Licenses installed: none root> show version Model: ex3200-24t Junos: 14.1X53-D40.8 JUNOS EX Software Suite [14.1X53-D40.8] JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [14.1X53-D40.8] JUNOS Online Documentation [14.1X53-D40.8] JUNOS EX 3200 Software Suite [14.1X53-D40.8] JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [14.1X53-D40.8] root> show system storage Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/da0s1a 183M 148M 20M 88% / devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev /dev/md0 240M 240M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/junos /dev/md1 5.4M 5.4M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/fips-mode-powerpc-14.1X53-D40.8 /dev/md2 7.2M 7.2M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jdocs-ex-14.1X53-D40.8 /dev/md3 74M 74M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/junos-ex-3200-14.1X53-D40.8 /dev/md4 23M 23M 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8 /dev/da0s3e 123M 1.1M 112M 1% /var /dev/md5 167M 14K 154M 0% /tmp /dev/da0s3d 369M 36K 339M 0% /var/tmp /dev/da0s4d 62M 60K 57M 0% /config /dev/md6 59M 25M 29M 46% /var/rundb procfs 4.0K 4.0K 0B 100% /proc /var/jail/etc 123M 1.1M 112M 1% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/var/etc /var/jail/run 123M 1.1M 112M 1% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/var/run /var/jail/tmp 123M 1.1M 112M 1% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/var/tmp /var/tmp 369M 36K 339M 0% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/var/tmp/uploads devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/dev /var/jail/jweb-app 123M 1.1M 112M 1% /packages/mnt/jweb-ex-14.1X53-D40.8/jail/var/jweb-app root> show system alarms No alarms currently active root> show chassis alarms No alarms currently active root> show chassis firmware Part Type Version FPC 0 uboot U-Boot 1.1.6 (Mar 28 2011 – 04:05:40) 1.0.0 loader FreeBSD/PowerPC U-Boot bootstrap loader 2.4 showroot> show chassis environment Class Item Status Measurement Power FPC 0 Power Supply 0 OK FPC 0 Power Supply 1 Absent Temp FPC 0 CPU OK 28 degrees C / 82 degrees F FPC 0 EX-PFE1 OK 34 degrees C / 93 degrees F FPC 0 GEPHY Front Left OK 27 degrees C / 80 degrees F FPC 0 GEPHY Front Right OK 28 degrees C / 82 degrees F FPC 0 Uplink Conn OK 25 degrees C / 77 degrees F Fans FPC 0 Fan 1 OK Spinning at normal speed root> show chassis hardware detail Hardware inventory: Item Version Part number Serial number Description Chassis BH0211459089 EX3200-24T Routing Engine 0 REV 11 750-033070 BH0211459089 EX3200-24T, 8 POE FPC 0 REV 11 750-033070 BH0211459089 EX3200-24T, 8 POE CPU BUILTIN BUILTIN FPC CPU PIC 0 BUILTIN BUILTIN 24x 10/100/1000 Base-T Power Supply 0 REV 04 740-020959 AV0811030515 PS 930W AC Fan Tray Fan Tray show chassis routing-engine root> show chassis routing-engine Routing Engine status: Slot 0: Current state Master Election priority Master (default) Temperature 28 degrees C / 82 degrees F CPU temperature 28 degrees C / 82 degrees F DRAM 512 MB Memory utilization 78 percent CPU utilization: User 6 percent Background 0 percent Kernel 11 percent Interrupt 0 percent Idle 82 percent Model EX3200-24T, 8 POE Serial ID BH0211459089 Start time 2016-11-09 06:01:00 UTC Uptime 28 minutes, 45 seconds Last reboot reason 0x2:watchdog Load averages: 1 minute 5 minute 15 minute 0.21 0.18 0.25

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 12 in


Form Factor



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