Cisco PEM-15A-AC Power Entry Module for PWR-950-AC CISCO7603 WS-C6503


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Up for sale is a Cisco PEM-15A-AC. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Router#sh env environmental alarms: no alarms backplane: operating clock count: 2 fan-tray 1: fan-tray 1 type: FAN-MOD-3HS fan-tray 1 version: 2 fan-tray 1 fan-fail: OK clock 1: clock 1 OK: OK, clock 1 clock-inuse: in-use clock 2: clock 2 OK: OK, clock 2 clock-inuse: not-in-use power-supply 1: power-supply 1 fan-fail: OK power-supply 1 power-input: AC low power-supply 1 power-output-fail: OK power-supply 2: power-supply 2 fan-fail: OK power-supply 2 power-input: AC low power-supply 2 power-output-fail: OK module 2: module 2 power-output-fail: OK module 2 outlet temperature: 31C module 2 inlet temperature: 26C module 2 device-1 temperature: 34C module 2 device-2 temperature: 34C module 2 asic-1 (SSO-1) temp: 25C module 2 asic-2 (SSO-2) temp: 25C module 2 asic-3 (SSO-3) temp: 25C module 2 asic-4 (SSO-4) temp: 25C module 2 asic-5 (SSA-1) temp: 25C module 2 asic-6 (HYPERION-1) temp: 25C module 2 RP outlet temperature: 25C module 2 RP inlet temperature: 25C module 2 EARL outlet temperature: 35C module 2 EARL inlet temperature: 26C chassis connector rating: 1386.00 Watts (33.00 Amps @ 42V) module 2 module 2 connector rating: 1260.00 Watts (30.00 Amps @ 42V) module 2 power consumption: 282.24 Watts ( 6.72 Amps @ 42V) module 3 module 3 connector rating: 1512.00 Watts (36.00 Amps @ 42V) module 3 power consumption: 340.20 Watts ( 8.10 Amps @ 42V) chassis per slot cooling capacity: 87 cfm module 2 cooling requirement: 35 cfm module 3 cooling requirement: 70 cfm Router#sh inv NAME: ‘CISCO7603’, DESCR: ‘Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco 7600 3-slot Chassis System’ PID: CISCO7603 , VID: , SN: FOX06120GL9 NAME: ‘CLK-7600 1’, DESCR: ‘OSR-7600 Clock FRU 1’ PID: CLK-7600 , VID: , SN: FOC060800CK NAME: ‘CLK-7600 2’, DESCR: ‘OSR-7600 Clock FRU 2’ PID: CLK-7600 , VID: , SN: FOC060800CK NAME: ‘module 2’, DESCR: ‘WS-SUP720-BASE 2 ports Supervisor Engine 720 Rev. 3.1’ PID: WS-SUP720-BASE , VID: , SN: SAD0834000J NAME: ‘msfc sub-module of 2’, DESCR: ‘WS-SUP720 MSFC3 Daughterboard Rev. 2.3’ PID: WS-SUP720 , VID: , SN: SAD083203F7 NAME: ‘switching engine sub-module of 2’, DESCR: ‘WS-F6K-PFC3B Policy Feature Card 3 Rev. 2.3’ PID: WS-F6K-PFC3B , VID: V01, SN: SAL1223TAXE NAME: ‘module 3’, DESCR: ‘7600-ES20-D3CXL ESM20G Rev. 1.2’ PID: 7600-ES20-D3CXL , VID: V03, SN: JAE1325CMUM NAME: ‘PS 1 PWR-950-AC’, DESCR: ‘AC power supply, 950 watt 1’ PID: PWR-950-AC , VID: , SN: ABC06170042 NAME: ‘PS 2 PWR-950-AC’, DESCR: ‘AC power supply, 950 watt 2’ PID: PWR-950-AC , VID: , SN: ABC06180037

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Cisco PEM-15A-AC Power Entry Module for PWR-950-AC CISCO7603 WS-C6503

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