Cisco N10-PAC1-550W 550W AC Power Supply 110 V AC – 220 V AC N10-S6100 PSU


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Up for sale is a used N10-PAC1-550W. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

cisco-A# show fabric-interconnect inventory expand A: Fabric Card: Slot Description Num Ports State PID Serial (SN) —– ——————– ———- ———- ————— ———– 1 20x10GE/Supervisor 20 Online N10-S6100 JAF1429CNGN 2 8×1/2/4G FC Module 8 Online N10-E0080 JAF1423EPLF Ether Port: Slot Port Oper State Mac Role Xcvr —– —– —————- ——————– ——- —- 1 1 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:C8 Unknown N/A 1 2 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:C9 Unknown N/A 1 3 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CA Unknown N/A 1 4 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CB Unknown N/A 1 5 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CC Unknown N/A 1 6 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CD Unknown N/A 1 7 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CE Unknown N/A 1 8 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:CF Unknown N/A 1 9 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D0 Unknown N/A 1 10 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D1 Unknown N/A 1 11 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D2 Unknown N/A 1 12 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D3 Unknown N/A 1 13 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D4 Unknown N/A 1 14 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D5 Unknown N/A 1 15 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D6 Unknown N/A 1 16 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D7 Unknown N/A 1 17 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D8 Unknown N/A 1 18 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:D9 Unknown N/A 1 19 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:DA Unknown N/A 1 20 Sfp Not Present 00:05:73:A3:7D:DB Unknown N/A FC Port: Slot Port Oper State Wwn —– —– —————- — 2 1 Sfp Not Present 20:41:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 2 Sfp Not Present 20:42:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 3 Sfp Not Present 20:43:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 4 Sfp Not Present 20:44:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 5 Sfp Not Present 20:45:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 6 Sfp Not Present 20:46:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 7 Sfp Not Present 20:47:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 2 8 Sfp Not Present 20:48:00:05:73:A3:7D:C0 Fan: ID PID Serial (SN) Overall Status —– ————— ————— ————– 1 N10-FAN1 N/A Operable 2 N10-FAN1 N/A Operable PSU: PSU PID Serial (SN) Overall Status —– ————— ————— ————– 1 N10-PAC1-550W DTM1509006C Operable 2 N10-PAC1-550W DTM140900QC Operable

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Cisco N10-PAC1-550W 550W AC Power Supply 110 V AC – 220 V AC N10-S6100 PSU

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