Cisco ESR-1OC12ATM-SM 1 pt OC12/STM4 ATM ESR10000 800-06568 BA2A7Y0 73-4758


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Up for sale is a used ESR-1OC12ATM-SM. This unit is tested and in perfect working condition!

*IOS / module revision in console below may vary on each piece unless specified above or in title*

Slot/Subslot 3/0: 1oc12atm-1 card, 1 port Card is full slot size Card is analyzed Card detected 00:00:19 ago Card uptime 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 19 seconds Card idle time 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 14 seconds Voltage status: 3.3V Nominal 2.5V Nominal EEPROM contents, slot 3/0: Controller Type : 445 Hardware Revision : 1.0 Top Assy. Part Number : 800-06568-05 Board Revision : B0 Deviation Number : 0-0 Fab Version : 03 PCB Serial Number : RMA Test History : 00 RMA Number : 0-0-0-0 RMA History : 00 CLEI Code : BA2A7Y0CAB Product Identifier (PID) : ESR_1OC12ATM_SM LCMON version, slot 3/0 LCDOS (C10000 PowerQUICC-II Line Card MONitor Image : Release branch:c10k_lc_conn_isp 20021009:135627) Built by richv at Mon Oct 14 13:19:20 2002. Reset reason 0x00000003 (external hard reset). Operational Image version, slot 3/0 LCDOS (C10000 1 Port OC12 ATM Line Card Image : DEVELOPMENT BUILD BLD-v122_31_sb_lc_throttle.lcdos-v122_31_sb_throttle-V122_31_SB15 /vob/lcdos/obj-c10k-oc12atm 102) major version 1238062993. Built by vpernank at Thu Mar 26 06:24:02 2009. SW Version 3.6 Code MD5 52E8B575D4B497B0DFF48E9B42EC0EC4 FPGA MD5 8195231E5E5A0818AC338147592DB34C Expected Switchover Action: NO INFORMATION ECC 1 bit errors since last cleared (dd hh mm ss) = 0 (0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds) ECC 1 bit errors while up (total) = 0

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Cisco ESR-1OC12ATM-SM 1 pt OC12/STM4 ATM ESR10000 800-06568 BA2A7Y0 73-4758

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