Lee Gresback

Product Manager (Cisco)

Originally from:  Lino Lakes, MN

Hobbies:  Ripping in my WRX

Favorite Breakfast Meal:  Coffee

Favorite Restaurant:  Osaka

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:  Lord of The Rings

Favorite Music:  Ronald Jenkees

Favorite Quote:

Win-Win or No Deal

What is your Dream Car?  2014 WRX STI

Favorite Vacation you’ve taken?  Czech Republic

Favorite Sport:  Burning Clutch

Favorite Networking Item?  1X100GBE

Single Mode or Multi Mode?  Single Mode

Lee started part-time packing boxes at DNI while going for his CCNA.  After getting hands on experience with enterprise equipment, he was very interested in the physics and applications.  To think his iPhone’s Google map was an end result of millions of tiny bursts of light being decoded into information was mind boggling.  After realizing that, he knew he had a lot of respect for hardware. About two years ago, he was given the choice between doing tech work and sales.  Lee has decided being in sales is his calling.  He has put every spare minute into getting better and advancing his knowledge.