Joshua Erickson

Director of Operations

Originally from:  Minneapolis, MN

Hobbies:  Coaching my kids in baseball and soccer and transporting them to a variety of other sports and activities.  Bicycling and exercising in general.  Traveling with my family; we’ll do a couple big trips out of the state and preferably out of the country each year as well as many short camping trips over weekends.  A small amount of reading typically in the last minutes before I fall asleep at night.

Favorite Breakfast Meal:  Brunch buffet eaten as early as the restaurant starts serving (making it more breakfast than brunch in my mind at least).

Favorite Restaurant:  Shamrocks on West 7th in St. Paul.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:  I don’t watch TV shows but I’m decently committed to watching the Vikings, Twins, Gopher Football and Gopher Basketball.  I’m 100% a fair weather fan though so my TV consumption is closely correlated with the success of the aforementioned teams.  I’ve long claimed that my favorite movie is Fight Club but in general I’m a fan of any movie with a twist at or near the end.  I enjoy trying to figure it out before the twist gets revealed.

Favorite Music:  Blues, but only under the right circumstances.  Otherwise I’ll listen to anything from classical to jazz to alternative to rock during my commute.

Favorite Quote: 

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results  -Albert Einstein

What is your Dream Car:  Audi S5

Favorite Vacation you’ve taken:  China and Hong Kong

Favorite Sport and Sports Team:  As mentioned above I’m 100% fair weather so this answer depends on who is performing best among the group of 4 above.  I also played Rugby for almost 10 years and still love to watch it but there are not many quality games to watch in the US and I’m not willing to pay more to get the overseas games.

Single Mode or Multi Mode:  Single Mode