Originally from:  Northern Minnesota

Hobbies:  Boating and playing with all of his wonderful grandchildren

Favorite Breakfast Meal:  Eggs, hash browns & sausages

Favorite Restaurant:  Keys Cafe

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:  Breaking Bad, Prison Break

Favorite Music:  The Beatles

Favorite Quote:  Sell it!

What is your Dream Car?  Mustang Convertible

Favorite Vacation you’ve taken?  Caribbean Cruise

Favorite Sport & Team:  Football & Vikings

Favorite Networking Item?  WIC-1DSU-T1

Single Mode or Multi Mode?  Multi Mode

After college Jerry was a math teacher for 8 years.  Then, he became a computer programmer back  when personal computers and local area networking were in their infancy.  (His first network was three PCs hooked into a 5MB hard drive.)  Later, Jerry moved on to project management and technical support.

He then became involved in starting several small businesses.  So, when his son, Paul, asked if he wanted to start a business selling used networking hardware, he was ready to go.  Together they started Dedicated Networks out of Jerry’s house in 2005.  The company has grown fast, and Dedicated Networks, Inc. now has over 40 employees and a large warehouse full of gear.