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Originally from:  Forest Lake, MN

Hobbies: Hockey, fishing, camping, and hiking

Favorite Breakfast Meal: Eggs Benedict

Favorite Restaurant: Smack Shack, Minneapolis – known for their lobster and sea food 

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:  It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite Music: Rock, Rap, and EDM 

What is your Dream Car? Nissan GT-R 

Favorite Vacation you've taken? Vegas 

Favorite Sport and Sports team? Hockey, Wild  

Favorite Networking Item? RSP720-3CXL-10GE

Single Mode or Multi Mode? Single Mode  

Since his first computer, Mark has been interested in technology and how it works. He started at Dedicated Networks in September of 2012. While in the warehouse picking and packing orders, his curiosity for networking grew. His striving to learn as much as possible about Cisco systems and the industry helped him land a sales position at Dedicated. He is currently a Cisco Associate and spends most of his time purchasing and selling equipment.