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Originally from:  Tomball, TX 

Hobbies:  Sports, Great Outdoors, Dogs.

Favorite Breakfast Meal:  Bacon, Crispy!

Favorite Restaurant:  Taco Bell

Favorite Movies/TV Shows:  Movies: Forest Gump & The Big Lebowski. TV Shows: Dexter, Black List, Homeland, Silicon Valley

Favorite Music:  My favorite band is Styx

Favorite Quote:

Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.

What is your Dream Car?  Doc Brown’s DeLorean

Favorite Vacation you've taken?  9th birthday went to Disney World, they made us the family of the day! We were in the parade, on the daily TV show, and got all access to the entire park. Truly once in a lifetime experience!

Favorite Sport and Sports team?  All Minnesota Professional Teams

Single Mode or Multi Mode?  Multi-Mode, because of the higher core to cladding diameter ratio…Duh


Short BIO: Born just outside of Houston and moved to Minnesota when I was younger. Spent the school year up here in NE Minneapolis, and my summers and school breaks down in Houston. Went to high school in a small town called St. Anthony Village. After I graduated, I went to St. Cloud State and majored in business. Got married in the fall of 2014, we now have a dog and our home in New Brighton, MN.