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Originally from: Cottage Grove

HobbiesMountain biking, Nordic skiing, Circuit training, cooking/grilling

Favorite Breakfast Meal: Hard boiled eggs with a side of peanut butter toast

Favorite Restaurant: Tea House Chinese near the UofM

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Braveheart/Game of Thrones

Favorite MusicKid Rock for working out and Gavin Degraw day-to-day

Favorite Quote:

Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – Peter Drucker

What is your Dream CarTesla Model X with enough racks to carry four bikes

Favorite Vacation you’ve takenA Hiking/camping trip to through the Havasupai Falls area of the Grand Canyon

Favorite Sport and Sports Team: Toss-up between the Minnesota Vikings and Gophers football teams but tough to beat a Twins or Saints games on a sunny summer day – I’m conflicted.

Single Mode or Multi Mode:  Multi Mode because it’s my job to manage the budget…